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Goodbye, Knowlyme (

After 8 years of owning the domain name, I am giving it back to the Internet due to taking care of my parents & being too busy to update this blog, anymore. I might come back here every now and then, but family (and my health) has to come first. There are many people who have visited my site- with 110,120 views and 61,319 visitors, and I thank everyone for stopping by and sharing the word about colloidal silver and Lyme disease. I am still taking colloidal silver and consider it the reason I can still work and help my family- it has truly saved my life, and NO- I don’t look like the “Blue Man” on Oprah.

My liver and kidney tests are fine. It’s safe, what I’m making and taking every single day for the last 8 years. That is my main message to you. I hope you find something that helps you as much as colloidal silver has helped me. It’s something I can make for myself, and afford. As we all know, having Lyme and/or any illness isn’t cheap, and we all must use what is within our means to get well. If I find anything better, I will certainly let you know. You all are in my heart and prayers for healing, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your love and support over the years…

Please note the new website address of this blog, after the domain name expires at the end of the month, will be (in case you want to come back later):

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Lyme and the Liver

This is going to be a very short post because I’ve just started really focusing on the connection between Lyme and the liver. I got my gallbladder out in 2005 and know this is very common for those of us with Lyme. I also know that Lyme can infect any organ, mimicking lupus. The Lyme spirochete produces biotoxins, and having co-infections like Babesia or mold, for example, will add a toxic load to the liver. After having 2 “gallbladder attacks” this year has brought my focus to the liver and knowing I have to be more serious about detoxing and also managing stress (both attacks happened during times of stress). It has been necessary to set firmer boundaries in relationships that were previously just wearing me out. I recommend looking at any source of stress and simplifying your life as much as you can to heal from Lyme or any disease.

In my case, this was a long-standing pattern and I finally healed it by bringing compassion and forgiveness to the other people involved as well as myself. Patterns will continue to get our attention until we do this. Honestly, I feel like a new person after a rough few weeks of transition, and someone even commented today that I look brighter and lighter. An estimated 95% of all diseases are stress-related, and in many cases, there are things we can do to remove or at least buffer the sources. Most of all, be kind and gentle for yourself, set healthy boundaries where needed, and never think it’s too late to change or break a cycle. The liver is associated with the emotion of anger, in Chinese medicine (and the gallbladder- rage), so those of us who are survivors of abuse and/or neglect need to work with forgiving other as well as ourselves, to resolve anger and help heal the liver.

There are herbs like dandelion root tea and milk thistle that are good for the liver. Also, foods like radishes and beets, as well as cruciferous vegetables and leafy greens which help bile flow more easily and liver tissues regenerate and heal. Avoiding stress and toxins (including alcohol, sugar, and pharmaceuticals like Tylenol which can cause liver damage), dealing with emotions like anger, frustration and sadness (not suppressing or denying, but actually looking within to see where they are coming from and what needs to be done or acknowledged to feel and release these emotions), and eating liver-friendly organic foods are all good places to start taking better care of this important and often over-taxed vital organ. This is essential to recover from Lyme or any other health issue. I will write more on the liver as I learn and digest what I’ve learned so far.

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100K hits, histamines and Lyme

Eating organic whole foods, especially veggies, good fats (olive oil, avocado, nuts with the exception of peanuts which are legumes), and high quality proteins in moderate amounts (free-range meat, wild-caught fish & eggs baked at 350 degrees for 30 minutes)- and avoiding inflammatory, high-histamine foods like most anything processed or packaged, GMO, dairy, wheat/gluten (actually all grains), legumes, nightshades (tomato, potato, eggplant, peppers), sugar, pork, shellfish, and factory-farmed meat and seafood… this has helped me the most. As I heal my leaky gut, my digestion continues to improve, but so I can continue to work and function, I’ve had to limit offending foods entirely.

Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine said-

Let thy medicine be thy food and thy food be thy medicine.

What I put into my body has made all the difference. It hasn’t been easy, and I’ve stumbled, tripped, and fallen many, many times. But, I keep getting up and tweaking my diet to try again the next day. I have to cook a lot. It’s difficult to eat out or at parties, especially holidays. But, it’s worth my health, and a decision I *HAD* to make. In addition, I got Berkey and Doulton water filters to remove chemicals, parasites, and fluoride from my drinking/cooking water. My beauty-care products are clean and natural, because anything that is put on the skin you might as well be eating.

I know this isn’t the quick fix anyone (including me) was looking for to heal Lyme, but Lyme is one of the oldest living creatures on this planet. It’s smart and adaptable. Our current food supply is so toxic and unhealthy, Lyme has been given free rein over our immune systems unless we go back to nature. I recommend Dr. Perlmutter’s Grain Brain program, even though I’m not able to eat everything on it. You might have a healthier digestive system than me, and it’s a good place to start. Paleo and Autoimmune Protocol, Low Histamine diets are what work for me. Each one of us is different- so listen to your body. It will let you know what it wants and doesn’t want (what makes you feel healthier and more alive, and vice versa?).

Since my last post 3 years ago, my focus has been on #1) Food and #2) Nutritional Supplements. I am also still using Colloidal Silver, and yes- it is still helping. Since I have genetic mutations (MTHFR and pyroluria) as well as other bacterial (strep and staph), fungal (including Candida), viral, and parasitical co-infections, CS is still necessary and such a Godsend. I haven’t had any antibiotics since I started taking it over 7 years ago (and my Lyme Dr said I may have to be on antibiotics my whole life, for as long as I went undiagnosed and how many times I’ve been reinfected- we’ll see about that!). And no, I’m not blue (LOL!). My liver and kidneys are doing great, and monitored regularly. I do take, probiotics which everyone with Lyme should be taking to help with immune and digestive function.

My next post will be about my nutritional supplements, but keep in mind that we are all different and what works for me may not work for you. It’s taken me over 7 years to hone my protocol, so that I can feel good and not be in constant pain and fatigue.

There have been over 100,000 hits to KNOWLYME- thank you SO MUCH for coming and I hope and pray every single day that what I’ve been through will help others. Knowledge is power, and yes- it saves lives. Please, spread the word, and pray for guidance and strength. We can do this!!! Praying for all of you and sending much love…

EDIT- Thank you to a reader for pointing out that fermented foods are high in histamines. Yes, I had to cut out fermented foods and only take probiotics. So, I no longer make or drink kombucha, nor do I recommend it to anyone with allergies or histamine issues. It is also very acidic (not good) and too sweet for anyone who is watching their sugar and carb intake. There are much better, safer, healthier ways to get good bacteria back into our guts, IMO.

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Celebrating 70,000 hits & Gary Null on Anti-Inflammatory Foods

First of all, THANK YOU, to my readers and everyone who has visited this website. In less than 4.5 years, and with no promotion except word-of-mouth, it’s hard for me to believe everyone is finding Knowlyme through search engines. But, honestly- that’s exactly how I found the information I’ve needed to recover from Lyme and continue to improve my health in all areas. I’m just glad that this website is helping so many people. It’s a humbling experience, and it proves that we are NOT alone- and we all have something to share with our Lyme disease experience to help other people. I learn so much from people about health related topics every day, if I’m really listening and paying attention! 😉

Secondly, I just found a great video from Gary Null I’d like to share about what foods and supplements are effective in fighting inflammation and therefore pain. This is good info for anybody dealing with Lyme and co-infections, as well as the average person who experiences pain, swelling and inflammation for any reason. Even injuries! I’d like to note that dairy and sugar have always created pain and inflammation in my body, and we all need to pay attention to how we feel after we eat certain foods so we can rule out what gives us problems. Every person is going to be slightly different as to what foods cause pain to flare up, as we are all unique with our genetics and our histories.

However- very common food sensitivities are to sugar, carbs (complex OR simple), wheat & gluten, soy, dairy (which is loaded with sugar, hormones, antibiotics, etc…), MSG and food additives, artificial flavorings (including “natural flavor”, ironically!), GMO’s and for some people meat and animal proteins. Gary is vegan, but I do still consume some animal protein, mainly in the form of grass fed beef, fish, chicken, and eggs. Nuts and seeds are also a huge part of my diet, as are good fats- like coconut & olive oil, and avocadoes.

Good fats are essential for the nervous and endocrine systems to function correctly, among many other things- they are NOT the bad foods we have been led to believe. Processed oils and fats (such as margarine, vegetable oil, transfats, etc…) cause a LOT of problems in the body, including pain and inflammation that can lead to many diseases and illnesses down the road. Eggs are a favorite food of mine, containing good fats (and even cholesterol, which our body needs and levels CAN get too low, believe it or not) and also lecithin, which helps our bodies digest and assimilate the fat and cholesterol in the egg.

Please enjoy this video, which is full of many different ideas on how our foods can be our medicine, like in the old adage, “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.” In other words- eat the right foods and there is no need for medicine!

In my next post, I’d like to talk about natural supplements that have anti-inflammatory properties. Gary Null does mention some in the video, as well. There are so many natural things to reach for in both food and supplements that can nip pain and inflammation in the bud. This can greatly reduce or eliminate the need for pharmaceutical pain-killers and anti-inflammatories, both of which often come with some hefty and very serious (even deadly) side effects. Tylenol ALONE causes over 40,000 deaths a year… Yikes!!! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

I knew a woman who took Aleve every day for years, with no problems until one day she started bleeding internally and almost died before she could get to the hospital. The doctor told her she was lucky to be alive, after losing so much blood. So, we’re not just talking about feeling better and being healthier by reducing our dependence on medicines, this includes living longer and more vital lives as well. Most of the anti-inflammatory foods and supplements also have anti-aging properties (because inflammation speeds up aging and leads to premature death). So we can also look better while we’re feeling better, too!

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Vaccines, Viruses and Lyme Disease- Dr. Thomas Rau

This doctor sees a connection between Lyme disease, vaccines, and viruses:

Before I was reinfected and finally diagnosed with Lyme disease after 20 years of being misdiagnosed, I remember the last vaccine I got to work in a hospital making me terribly ill- Hepatitis B. And yes, this vaccine/virus is on the good doctor’s list. After knowing two people who almost died after getting a regular flu vaccine (before the swine flu strain was added, making it even more dangerous!), I certainly don’t plan on getting any more vaccines. This means I won’t ever work anywhere vaccines are required for employment. Getting the Hepatitis B vaccine and the resulting malaise caused me to have to leave my job, anyway, so whatever immune system damage and long-term health issues caused by this vaccine/virus definitely weren’t worth it. I’ve learned a lot about vaccines and vaccine damage since then, and I suggest anyone with Lyme to do your own research on this topic.

Dr. Thomas Rau’s theory on how viruses and vaccines act with the Borrelia bacteria to cause the Lyme disease symptoms could explain why some people who get bitten with a tick carrying Bb show symptoms, either acute or later, and why some people never show symptoms. He believes that the Borrelia bacteria ALONE does not cause Lyme disease.

Vaccines, viruses (and other co-infections), trauma, toxic loads- all these things PLUS the Lyme bacteria, Borrelia (Bb), determine what symptoms an infected person may have. So, these things in combination cause the symptoms we call “Lyme disease” and maybe not any one of these factors alone? This would definitely make it harder to diagnose, research, and treat by the average doctor, as we all know by now. I’m interested in learning more from Dr. Rau and from everything I’ve learned over the last 5 years (after Labor Day) of being diagnosed and researching Lyme disease, what he is saying rings true with me. There is MUCH more in Lyme than just the Bb spirochete bacteria.

I lost a dog last year to Lyme disease, a 5-year-old in the prime of his life (he was 40-42 in dog years), after he was given a leptospirosis vaccine which is also a spirochete- just like Lyme. This vaccine weakened his immune system enough during a cold/wet winter to let the latent (lying dormant in his system) Lyme become active. As we all know, Lyme like any other pathogen is opportunistic, and often waits until the infected organism is weakened by other factors- stress, trauma, other pathogens such as viruses/bacteria, vaccines, toxins, etc… The vet seemed just as ignorant as the human doctors in this area on how harmful vaccines can be, and equally ignorant in diagnosing and treating Lyme. It was a brutal lesson (after seeing 3 other dogs die too young from Lyme) to watch my sweet dog die right before my eyes and not be able to do anything about it. My heart goes out to anyone with sick children, Lyme or otherwise. I can’t imagine being any more devastated than I was at this time. My dogs no longer get the normal schedule of vaccines, due to this.

I’m planning on getting and reading Dr. Rau’s book that outlines the treatment he uses at his clinic, The Swiss Secret to Optimal Health: Dr. Rau’s Diet for Whole Body Healing.

See original article that sparked this post, “Lyme disease symptoms fueled by vaccines”:

And, I also recommend this article on the Natural Health 365 website, “Defeat Lyme disease without antibiotics”:

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May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month (redux!)

So, this is my 4th Lyme Disease Awareness Month since getting re-infected and finally diagnosed in 2010, after 20 years of being un- and mis-diagnosed with Lyme disease. If there is only one thing that you read on this website, go to this LINKS page where I explain how I beat Lyme disease, naturally. I hope that this information helps even just one person not have to be sick and suffer with undiagnosed and/or untreated Lyme disease for as long as I did. That’s why I have this awareness site and pay for the domain name, in hope that it will make it easier for those in need to find this vital information. I continue to pray for all of us who deal with Lyme and other tick-borne diseases, in ourselves or our loved ones.

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4 Years and 63K hits later…

Happy 4 year anniversary to!!!

Thanks to all my readers and followers, for being part of my journey. My focus from now on will continue to be genetic, metabolic, and nutritional issues that have contributed to chronic Lyme disease. Right now, I’m in remission but continuing to take the colloidal silver, as I have for over 4 years. That’s proof to me that it is safe and I’m also not blue from argyria. 😉 I believe that understanding the genetic mutations and correcting them will be the final cure. Hoping we all get the answers we need on our healing journeys. Keeping you all in my prayers…

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Organic B12 Spray, Histamines, and Detox/Herxing

Just a quick note to say that the product in the last post is working well for me and my family member who previously had a histamine reaction (hives & swollen tongue) with the 1st sublingual liquid I tried. That as well as the sublingual tablet I subsequently used gave me insomnia, and all the reactions I believe are tied to the artificial “Natural Flavor” and preservatives. So far, the “Garden of Life” brand “Kind Organics” B12 spray (that I use sublingually for better absorption) is working so well I’m starting to work out every day for the first time since I was re-infected in Sept 2010. I’m also finally sleeping better.

Last week, I had a 4 day headache that was reminiscent of the herxing/detoxing reactions I had with the silver, especially during the first year or two of treatment. I haven’t herxed or detoxed on silver so long, it caught me off guard although I had read about methyl-B12 (methylcobalamin) opening up the detox pathways and causing some log-jams as the body tries to process the extra load. Taking methylfolate (instead of folic acid) and P-5-P (methyl B6) along with the B-12 no doubt threw me into a herx that I wasn’t really prepared for. Let’s face it- all I know to do is hunker down and wait for it to pass…

I’ve had exercise throw me into herxes and flare-ups before I even knew I had Lyme- anything that increases circulation and boosts the immune system can cause this: exercise, silver, or methylated B-vitamins. That’s my experience, and I’m sharing it just in case this has happened to anyone else. It can be confusing, since the things we do that should be good for us leave us feeling worse and defeated, at least until our body is able to adjust. This is for me where addressing the root cause of dis-ease is different than treating symptoms (which can make us feel better for the moment, often by numbing it out and with a price to pay of more advanced illness, later on). With 4-1/2 yrs of fighting this fight, at least I know what’s going on, and I know if I hang in there, it does get better. 😉

No results back on the MTHFR genetic testing- but with the herxing/detoxing, I can tell that the 3 methylated B-vitamins I’m taking are helping. In a way, I’m glad the report isn’t back, so I can continue to read my body and intuition on what is working and what is not. It also makes sense why the food-grade diatomaceous earth I tried years ago was poorly tolerated (as is alcohol of any kind- wine, beer, anything gives me a terrible reaction). I believe that it worked TOO well, and my body wasn’t able to detox the dead parasites fast enough, even with a teeny, tiny amount. So evidently, MTHFR mutations need to be addressed first, and probably others I’m yet to learn about? Healing, it’s a journey…

I hope everyone is enjoying Spring, and Happy Easter ahead of time!!! 🙂

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Lyme, MTHFR, B12 & Allergies

Since I last wrote, a relative who tried the Solgar Liquid B12 w/B-Complex had a histamine reaction that put her in the hospital. I don’t know if she’s got Lyme, but there’s a good chance she has MTHFR since I can see multiple symptoms in both sides of my family. It’s the 4th time she’s had a severe enough case of hives and tongue swelling to seek medical attention, so the first 3 times didn’t have anything to do with the sublingual Solgar B12. There’s also a chance that this 4th time was unrelated to the supplement, as she is prone to histamine reactions, but it got me thinking, “Why?” That’s just how my mind works, LOL. PLUS, I’d been feeling better since starting on the B12, except for sleeping. Another person I know (no relation) started sublingual B12 and told me she’s been feeling a lot better, mood-wise (I have too! 🙂 ) AND she’s been sleeping so much better. Hmmm… Could I be having an adverse reaction, too? It was an eye-opener that made me ask a lot of questions in forums about B12 and histamine reactions. Turns out, we aren’t the only ones!!!

At first, I was focused on B12, itself. It’s supposed to LOWER histamines in the body and help with allergies. So, I was very confused as to why my some people, my relative and I had problems… Her doctor even told her it couldn’t be the B12, when she told him that was the only thing that she had started taking recently. Regardless, I suggested that she stop taking it until we figured out what was going on, just to be safe- above all else, DO NO HARM, right? I couldn’t live with myself if she ended up having a life-threatening allergic reaction, as one of her previous episodes has been! It wasn’t until then that I realized my sleeping issues were so much worse, and I had chalked that up to having extra energy. Plus, I’ve been researching B12 and MTHFR for hours a day, like I always do, often into the wee hours of the night. It’s been hard to shut my mind down, before, and insomnia has been one of my main issues (and it’s very common with both MTHFR and Lyme).

So, what I concluded was that the other ingredients in both sublingual products that I was taking (the Solgar liquid and the Jarrow tablets) were the culprits and NOT B12. The chemicals added to both products- such as potassium sorbate, citric acid, stearic acid, and magnesium stearate- as preservatives have caused allergy/histamine reactions in sensitive people. Also, the “Natural Flavor” found in both sublinguals is HIGHLY suspect. Normally, this listing is used to hide chemicals that really aren’t that natural at all. Let’s be honest- often, it’s used to hide MSG, and I know that from cutting out most processed foods. MSG can definitely cause histamine reactions, and has caused sleep issues with me, before.  With a sublingual product, there’s a good chance that it is added to enhance the flavor, since we are holding the B12 under our tongues, and not just immediately swallowing. But, as discussed before, B12 is often malabsorbed in the gut. So…

Please click here to go to product page

( link opens in new window)

This is the only organic sublingual (if you spray it under your tongue) that I’ve found to replace the other two in my last post that I can no longer recommend. I even contacted the company to make sure the “Organic Natural Raspberry Flavor” isn’t really something altogether different. Without the word “organic” I wouldn’t use this product, but they still had to assure me that there was nothing in that listing other than organic raspberry fruit or juice. From researching MSG before, I do understand that organic products by definition should not contain it, unless it naturally occurs in the food itself.  So far, I am starting to sleep better, so we’ll see how it goes, as I get the other gunk cleared out of my system. Just sharing here in case anyone else has a bad reaction. If so, it’s more than likely not the B12 itself, as even in high doses it’s considered to be non-toxic. It does pay to read the fine print on not just our food, but our supplements, as well.

The bottom line is that having Lyme can cause us to be sensitive and react badly to many foods and chemicals that most people show no reaction to. B12 deficiency, from what I’ve read, can make histamine levels rise and exacerbate allergies and asthma. Associated with both (and chronic infection in general), low adrenal function ( adrenal exhaustion/fatigue) can make this worse since cortisol, aka adrenaline, helps to control histamines and inflammation in the body.  MTHFR, which causes the body to not be able to use B12 (and  properly AND causes immune system dysfunction (as does Lyme), also causes detox issue due to under-methylation. It makes sense to me why I am so sensitive to chemicals in my food and the environment! When I get my MTHFR results, I’ll know for sure.

Until then, the organic B12 spray will be the only sublingual that I can recommend to anyone with food or chemical allergies, histamine intolerance, MTHFR, and other methylation issues. However, I’ve only been taking it for 2 days. Time will tell, and I’ll keep you posted! Please let me know if any of you have had similar issues taking B12. Thanks 🙂

The lesson here is that it pays to read the fine print!

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B12, MTHFR gene mutation, and Lyme disease

Lots of research done since my last post on B12, and things like mood, sleep, and energy levels are much better than they’ve been- probably ever! LOL, have to laugh… I found out that up to 40% of the population carries the MTFHR gene mutation, which causes our bodies to incorrectly produce an enzyme, methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (or MTHFR for short), which works with the B-vitamins to process them so they can be used in essential chemical reactions such as energy metabolism. So, it is possible to have HIGH blood serum levels of B-vitamins (such as B12) but to have this genetic mutation where your body can’t use them properly! Hmmmm…. I know it sounds complicated because it is, and I wish I’d been able to finish school and all those organic chemistry classes I was taking right after I got Lyme. 😉 To keep it simple, I am sharing with you that I ordered a genetic test 2 days ago that was shipped today (YAY!!!!) for $99 from a website called that should be able to tell me if I have the MTHFR gene mutation, and whether I have 1 (heterozygous) or 2 (both, homozygous) genes for it. This will be helpful in my quest to understand more about how B-vitamins and their real or functional (through this mutation) deficiency could be contributing to my struggle with Lyme.


This is the recommended B12 for MTHFR ***I no longer can recommend this product, edit 3/21/15, SEE NOTE***, Methyl-B12, and not the cyanocobalamin that I originally got (because methyl-B12 is the bioactive form, and the other is synthetic!). However at this point, I’m still taking the Solgar sublingual liquid (cyano-) when I first get up, and then one of the Jarrow Methyl B12 lozenges around lunch time, for now. I did order some methyl-folate (who knew folic acid was ALSO synthetic?!!!) which should be here, soon. So, just keeping you posted on what I’m learning, at basically real-time. This MTHFR business makes so much sense, given that it primarily affects BOTH body systems that Lyme affects the most (but they do affect more than just these two, of course)- the nervous and immune systems, and could weaken the immune system to be vulnerable to Lyme or any other opportunistic infection(s). I’ve heard about MTHFR before, but just recently with the elderly family member who is suffering from B12 deficiency, a genetic link seems possible and highly probable. Now is the time to study up and get tested, myself! For $99, it seems like such a good deal, compared to all the other basically useless testing I’ve gotten in the past (or expensive testing I just couldn’t afford- I can’t afford NOT to get this now, given what I know!). More info coming, but just wanted to share my journey, now, in case it can help anyone else, here. Praying for you all, God Bless!!! O:-)

ps- A good page on MTHFR and the testing, reports, etc…

pps- Just SOME of the health conditions that MTHFR mutations can cause (but not all):

***NOTE*** Since starting the Jarrow B12 tablets, my sleep started to suffer. Please read the next post on why I think this happened. Click here to read post about “Lyme, B12, MTHFR & Allergies”, 3/21. I no longer recommend this product!

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