Natural Lyme Remedies That Are Working For Me- Part 1

As many of you who are familiar with know, the first and foremost Godsend for me to eradicate my late stage, chronic Lyme, which went 20 years undiagnosed, is homemade colloidal silver.  All the information the MS protocol that is working so well for me over the last 7 months (some MS is Lyme or infection-related) is on my LINKS page.  Please go there to read more about the wonderful CS that is in my humble opinion, saving my life!  Without it, I would still be as sick as I was 9 months ago when I was re-infected and thankfully, finally, diagnosed.  Can’t say enough about that!

I also wrote an article not too long ago about two important enzymes that I take to dissolve the Lyme biofilm: Nattokinase and Serrapeptase.  Instead of rehashing all that information, I will refer you to the article where I describe the health benefits of both.  The Lyme bacteria create a protective biofilm which must be broken down for any agent that can kill the Borrelia, such as antibiotics or colloidal silver, to be effective (at least for me ;).

Even before I started taking colloidal silver and was still on antibiotic treatment (which was really, really making me sick and throwing my system out of balance, creating new problems I didn’t already have in addition to Lyme disease), I read about Earthing:

Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?

And, I bought the cheapest Earthing set-up I could, all I could afford at the time:

  • 1- ankle/foot/wrist band (which I wear on my foot, under the ball)
  • 1- cord (plugs into the grounding plug on an electrical outlet, the 3rd round prong hole)
  • 1- tester (to make sure the electrical system in my house was properly grounded)

I believe with shipping and handling, this cost about $30 at:

And, I’ve been sleeping grounded/earthed ever since!  I believe that I get better sleep, deeper, more healing and restorative, which is necessary for my immune system to fight off infection.  This is what has to happen, eventually, for any Lyme treatment to work and to put the disease in remission, over the long run.  There are many other benefits to Earthing I may go into in a later article, or you can read about them in the Earthing book.  I sincerely believe that sleeping while grounded in this way is what has made it possible to get off the memory-damaging and addictive sleep medications I had depended on for at least a decade.  On nights when I am especially “awake”, a hypnosis book/CD set usually works (and I really, really like this hypnotist/author’s other CDs and books, too!):

I Can Make You Sleep: Overcome Insomnia Forever and Get the Best Rest of Your Life! Book and CD

Again, I cannot stress enough how important I have found sleep to be in my recovery and healing of Lyme disease, as well as vital for my overall health and well-being.  The sleep medicines I was taking were counterproductive in that they were addictive, toxic (like any pharmaceutical), and causing cognitive problems and memory issues of their own, on top of the neurocognitive Lyme symptoms I was having.  I had to get off of these, completely, and I will describe in “Part 2” of this article tomorrow, the other natural supplements I am on that I take during the day and before bedtime to ensure I get a good night’s sleep.  Sleep hygiene is also important, but I will save that for a future article. 

What you have just read is the core, the essentials, the basics of how I am beating Lyme since being diagnosed 9 months ago, after being undiagnosed and sick for over 20 years, and I am sharing this with you because it is working for me, it is safe, and it is inexpensive compared to most other treatments I have read about, natural or otherwise, with just a few exceptions.  Hopefully, you or someone you know may have good results as well, with the foundations of what I have found to be literal lifesavers in my fight against Lyme.


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